Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 – Action, Fantasy
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Content – Lots of my friends and peers have not liked this film at all. While I thought it was “1984” cheesy (1984 WAS cheesy), the movie itself wasn’t that bad. Obviously Diana is in 1984 working at a museum. When an ancient antiquity comes in to be identified, Barbara is asked to figure out what it is. This crystal rock is some sort of wishing tool, you make a wish and that is granted, but you lose something as well. While nerdy Barbara wishes to be more like Diana, Diana wishes for her love Steve to return – Both happen. Maxwell Lord is also very intrigued by this wishing stone, and steals it for his own disastrous needs. Now partnered with her love again, Diana and Steve set out to stop Maxwell…and Barbara! This is definitely DC comic book based, and a true fantasy film. I suppose one of the really corny (and long) scenes is watching Diana introduce Steve to all things 1984. While this entire portion of the film is way too long, it appears on screen as just “cute”. Not sure I cared about Steve’s reactions to 1984 when there was a tyrant on the loose. It seemed over done and completely out of place. With that being said, I can again understand why so many people didn’t like this version. It fell short of gritty action and became Disney cute. I will take it for what it was and say that my final opinion is that I still enjoyed watching it. This scores a 6.5 out of 10.

Acting – All of the acting in this film goes with the characters. Gal Gadot seems to be made to play Wonder Woman, as Margot Robbie is to play Harley Quinn. Gal is easy to watch, she has a charisma about her that makes her very pleasing and enjoyable. And Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal both prove that they can be quirky and devious at the same time. We are all used to seeing Kristen play the comic relief is all of her films, watching a crazy obsessed woman was sort of fun. She transforms from complete nerd to sexy Diana’ish in about an hour. There is a lot of silliness about the film, seeing Chris Pine discover 1984 was not his best work. But do you blame the actors or the writers helming this bit of tragedy? Score is 7.5 out of 10.

Duration – 2 hr 30 mins. Yes you read that correctly, two and a half hours. WAY too long for this action film, I think we could cut at least 15 minutes off of that with the Welcome to 1984 Steve stuff. I could easily see cutting 30-40 minutes and have a film flow much better, and be a much quicker action film. This gets a 6 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Wonder Woman 1984 – 20 out of 30

Recommended Watch – While I do not agree with many people, I took the film with all the silliness and cheesy scenes and thought it was still fun. Way too long, but enjoyable. With that said, take it for what it is or stay away.

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