This Teacher

This Teacher – Drama
Category – Movie

Content – Hafsia travels to America to see her childhood friend Zareh. But Zareh has become “Sarah” and it is obvious that these two close friends have grown up in completely different directions. Sarah has become Americanized, and Hafsia doesn’t quite fit in (she is a French Muslim). When she overhears Sarah say something very derogatory about her, Hafsia steals her identity and credit card, and goes off to a remote cabin to discover herself in this new country. Now scared and alone, it appears she is struggling with her inner reflection. Sarah tracks her down, and after spending the day together, these two determine that their friendship is nothing but toxic. Again alone, Hafsia meets another couple that are renting the other cabin next door to hers. This encounter starts off very fun, as Hafsia says she is French. But as the night goes on, and all three drink a bit too much, Hafsia says she is a Muslim. The couple’s attitude changes, as does the entire mood of the night. And let’s just say, the evening doesn’t end well. This movie deals with the struggle of a woman in a new land, and the prejudices that accompany that new land. Some of Hafsia’s struggles can be disjointed and a bit confusing. It is actually a pretty heavy film with intense content. This scores a 7 out of 10.

Acting – I have never seen Hafsia Herzi act, so this was all new to me. She does a good job and I would watch her again. I wish the writing didn’t make her character seem so confusing, but the performance was notable. She definitely commands attention! The supporting actors are Sarah Kazemy, Lucy Walters and Kevin Kane. These three also do a good job with the intense content that are dealt with and play strong supporting characters. Score is 7 out of 10.

Duration – 92 minutes. This is a fairly quick movie; although, it can be slow and a bit disjointed at times. This gets a 7 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for This Teacher – 21 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – The content of this movie is deep and has a lot of French subtitles. You definitely have to be ready for this drama to watch it. But it is not a bad movie by any means, it just ends very heavy!

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  1. I must admit this caught my attention because of its title. I haven’t seen it yet, but after reading your review I think I’d give it a shot. Subtitles don’t detract me from watching a film. If they did, I’d never have seen last year’s best picture, Parasite.

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