The Undoing

The Undoing – Drama
Category – Limited Television Series – HBO

Content – A collaboration between HBO and David E. Kelley, what more could you ask for? The Fraser’s seem to be a very loving happy couple, with their son Henry. Both successful doctors, Jonathan cures cancer in children. You cannot get any more heroic than that right? So when a young mother who’s son goes to school with Henry is tragically murdered, these elite families begin to wonder “Who could have done it?” While this mystery unravels in six episodes, there are some definite twists and turns involving the Fraser’s. And Grace’s devotion to her husband is definitely questioned. And will her devotion lead to her husband, or stay with her son? Although the ending didn’t have the huge twist I was hoping for, this limited series was still another hit show for HBO. I’m beginning to wonder if they can even make a mediocre series at this point? Every series I watch seem to be just as good as the last!  This scores a 9 out of 10.

Acting – Another award deserving performance by Nicole Kidman. Her compassion for her son is compelling in this, and while her devotion is questioned, Nicole plays the part with ease and comfort. I’m beginning to think that Nicole cannot have a bad performance in this limited series. First Big Little Lies and now The Undoing. I truly believe that the Awards will be kind to Nicole for the role. It leaves me with only 1 question – “How SOON can she do another one?” And Hugh Grant, what can I say? He was gripping, at one point I think I actually believed him! I would have to say that I believe he is staring at an award nomination as well. Rounding out this family is Henry, played by Noah Jupe and the millionaire father to Grace, played by the legendary Donald Sutherland. Both of these performances were on point and compelling. And let’s not forget the annoying, yet great performance by Edgar Ramirez, who is playing the detective. You tend to not like his character too much, although, he is trying to solve a murder. That makes him irritating and somewhat trying at points, but a job well done by Edgar. Since Matilda De Angelis is playing the poor murder victim, we see her most in flashbacks. A bummer, I would have enjoyed seeing her acting more, I thought what we saw was captivating. All in all, an engrossing cast that captures your attention throughout the series. Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – This is a limited series of six episodes, which means we are around six hours of drama and intrigue. Much longer than your typical movie, but shorter than your normal television series. If the show wasn’t as gripping, it would have been too long. But I admit I binge watched 5 episodes at once and then couldn’t WAIT for the finale!!! This gets an 9 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for The Undoing – 27 out of 30

Recommended Watch – Again, I binge watched 5 episodes in a day, now you can watch all 6 because the series is done. A series well worthy of a Sunday afternoon watch! Curl up with a cozy fire, some eggnog and try to figure out Who Done It.

5 thoughts on “The Undoing”

  1. I agree for the most part. The whole cast were excellent. The bridge scene at the end was possibly my favorite scene of the year that didn’t involve monster creatures. Hugh and Noah gave believably gripping performances.

    I want a meme of Donald Sutherland saying “cocksucker”.

  2. Loved it…it was delicious…once you thought you knew it threw you off the track and then doubled down….I love the subtle nuances at the end which eventually set up the truth of the case. Acting was amazing…I expect Emmy nominations for sure!

  3. This was a truly great series, Hugh Grant was at his best and the whole thing was cast brilliantly. The fabulous Nicole Kidman and as for Noah Jupe who plays the son is one of the best young actors I have seen for years. The story was nicely put together and it was shot beautifully, the cinematography was great. This is well worth a watch.

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