The King of Staten Island

The King of Staten Island – Dramedy
Category – Movie

Content – This is a coming of age movie, although with a small twist because the boy is 24 years old. Scott has been a lost soul ever since his father died – a firefighter that lost his life in a fire. So in his young adulthood, Scott is a tattooed, weed head that is doing nothing with his life. He thrives to be a tattoo artist, but lacks the drive to get there. When his mom meets and starts dating Ray, a firefighter, Scott absolutely loses his mind. Everyone likes this new relationship, except Scott. To try and get him motivated, Ray makes Scott walk his two children to school when he cannot. But a huge fight between Scott and Ray makes Margie (Scott’s mom) kick BOTH men to the curb. Still lost in life, his buddies try and rob a pharmacy, and when it goes bad they all end up in jail. Now Scott really has no one left. With absolutely no money and no home, the only place Scott figures out where to go is the fire house. In order to stay at the firehouse, the fire fighters make him work to earn his keep. He finally begins to find his life in the one place that scared him his entire life, the firehouse. The most unlikely relationship develops between Scott and Ray. And Scott finds the meaning of life, in relationships of every aspect of his life. Director Judd Apatow has a secret gem here, actually one of the better films I’ve seen so far in 2020! This scores a 9 out of 10.

Acting – Well, Pete Davidson proved himself to be a player in the entertainment industry. The range of emotions he portrays is huge, there is comedy and there is serious drama. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of his acting, which was top notch! Ray is played by Bill Burr, another actor known to be a comedienne, but proves his dramatic acting chops in this film. And Marisa Tomei always shines in everything she does, she is truly a pleasure to watch. Even Steve Buschemi is great (as always). Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 2 hrs 17 min. While this movie is actually really good, it is a bit long. I think some scenes could have been cut and the momentum of the movie would have stayed solid. This gets a 6 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for The King of Staten Island – 24 out of 30

Recommended Watch – Surprisingly, YES! I guess I had no idea what to expect with this film, and it is a fantastic coming of older age movie!!!

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  1. I watched this last night. I have always had a soft spot for Pete Davidson because he seems like a lost puppy.
    I also like Judd Apatow’s work. I enjoyed it and I hope Pete Davidson continues to grow as an actor with more films that explore his dark side.

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