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The Call of the Wild – Adventure
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Content – I started this movie knowing it was produced by Disney, so I had a perception that the “disney” feel would be overbearing. I was wrong! Buck, an oddly over-sized Saint Bernard type dog, makes a little mistake with his current wealthy family. He is punished by spending the night outside on the porch. While he tries to sleep, Buck is baited to the street, where he is taken captive by a dog trader. He is shoved into a small crate and has no idea what is happening to him, especially when he is hit. This is the first time I cried. Buck finds himself in the Yukon where he briefly meets John Thornton, then is purchased by a postal delivery man. Through many struggles and tribulations, he does finally get the hang of being a sled dog, and loves his role as the lead. And the mail has never been delivered faster! However, the delivery carrier loses the route and the dogs are no longer needed. As they say goodbye to all the dogs (they are left at another dog trader), this is the second time I cried. The team is bought by a rude prospector and his wife and friend. He beats the dogs to drive the sleigh but the sleigh is way too heavy for the dogs to pull. John Thornton comes to Buck’s rescue, as he is nearly beaten to death. The prospector moves on with the other dogs and John finally takes Buck home. Buck is nurtured back to health, and when he feels good enough to go outside, he realizes that his buddies are not there. John has to explain that the other dogs are gone, he could only save Buck. OK, third time I cried. John decides to leave with Buck and they go off into the Yukon together on their own adventure. They come across an abandoned cabin, and learn everything there is to know about each other. And both John and Buck have finally found peace. The movie doesn’t quite end in full happiness (fourth time I cried) but it is happy enough. Now, Buck is 100% CGI’ed, which means the dog is computer enhanced. Without these enhancements, the dog’s expressions would not be as meaningful and touching as they are. You really feel every emotion the dog is going through, which is why I cried four times (I’m an animal person, I thought his facial expressions were gut wrenching). With that being said, and even though I cried too many times, this was truly a beautiful film about Buck and his life. This scores a 9 out of 10.

Acting – Buck is played by a Saint Bernard who is later CGI’ed. Again, this plays into the dog’s emotions, which is what takes you through this entire film. And what can you say about Harrison Ford? He’s absolutely flawless in every role he embraces. John Thornton goes through a wide array of emotions in the film – laughter, anger, sorrow and peace. Not many could pull these off with a dog, but Harrison Ford sure can. The postal carrier is played by Omar Sy, and his assistant by Cara Gee, respectfully. These two had great performances, as a lot more goes on with the sled than I listed. Other notable actors are Dan Stevens and Karen Gillan, the prospectors. These are not necessary likeable movie roles, but this duo pulled them off flawlessly. Amazing cast! Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 40 min. A LOT happens to this incredible dog in 100 minutes. Since I cried four times, anything longer might have weighed on my emotional status. The movie does flow well and keeps you intrigued the entire time! This gets a 9 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for The Call of the Wild – 27 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – As an animal lover, and going into this thinking we were watching the “disney” type fun, I was surprised at how emotion this dog movie made me feel. In the end, it is a beautiful transformation of a dog’s life and it is HIGHLY recommended!!!

9 thoughts on “The Call of the Wild”

  1. Awesome review! Although I didn’t cry, it was emotional. Nothing better than a good dog role, this one was action packed and fun.

  2. I have not seen this film yet and honestly wasn’t going to make it a huge goal. Thought it was just another “mushy dog story”. Now, I told the husband we have to watch this. I am now intrigued and need to see how this plays out. Love these reviews!!

  3. Such a classic remake again. I thoroughly thought your review captured the movie perfectly. Definitely a hanky watch.

  4. Loved the review, Love Harrison Ford. After reading this review, and really want to go see the movie.. Thanks DeeDee

  5. I so want to see this movie. Missed it when it came through town. I will watch for it. Your review makes me want to see it even more. Thank you!

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