Stake Land

Stake Land – Horror
Category – Movie (2010)

Content – In his early teens, Martin watches his family get killed by vampires. There are all different stages of vampires in this film, they are more Zombie like than anything. Martin is taken in by an expert vampire hunter named Mister, and together they set off to travel to a sanctuary. Along the way they rescue a nun that is about to get raped, killing the two men about to commit this crime. However, the brother of one of them men killed is in the Aryan Brotherhood, these men have become outlaws in this vampire world. They take Mister, Martin and Sister captive; however, with their cunning skills they all manage to escape. Continuing their trek north to the sanctuary, they come across Belle, a pregnant singer looking for the promised land. They become a band of five traveling together, and when they come across Jebedia, the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood, they cannot resist leaving him for the vampires. Continuing north, you are routing for this likeable clan to reach the sanctuary and live in some kind of peace, but will they make it? There’s enough blood and vampire staking to keep this film moving along nicely! This scores a 7.5 out of 10.

Acting – Nick Damici plays Mister, and is also one of the writers of this film. I’ve watched Nick in two movies recently and realize is a very underrated actor, his cool but menacing characters are portrayed very well. And as a Writer too, he proves to be very multi talented. The epic Kelly McGillis plays Sister and it’s pretty cool to see her act in a horror film. Other notable characters are Connor Paolo, Danielle Harris, Sean Harris and Michael Cerveris. All these cast members do a great job at vampire hunting. Score is 7.5 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 38 min. There is enough action and vampire hunting in this movie to make the time go by fairly well. It might be a tad long, but it isn’t too bad. This gets a 7 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Stake Land – 22 out of 30

Recommended Watch – This horror film is under rated, and if you are a a fan of the genre, it deserves a watch!

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