Range Runners

Range Runners – Thriller
Category – Movie

Content – Mel had been groomed as a small child to move forward, no matter what. Her father pushed her running as a small child, and never let up. When Mel decided to run through the wilderness, her sister thought she was crazy but helped her at each checkpoint. The latest run will be two hundred miles, which will take Mel 8 days. She leaves her sister and begins her running journey. She never imagined that she would encounter two men along this path that would change her life forever. The men are unprepared for the wilderness, so they over take Mel, tie her up and take her backpack full of supplies. The men are now in a good position; although, they do not know Mel and who they are actually dealing with. Her perseverance and persistence has been embedded in her brain since a child, and she will stop at nothing to get back what is hers. This film is about the strong will of one woman and her will to survive, against all the odds. A powerful film for the current times. This scores a 8.5 out of 10.

Acting – A powerful performance by Celeste Cooper who plays Mel. She embodies every emotion needed in this powerful movie – confidence, fear, acknowledgement and pain. Quite a strong performance that is worthy of taking notice, and I hope she gets that! The two men are played by Sean Patrick Leonard and Michael Woods. Both do a great job playing off of Mel’s emotions and are believable as the “bad guys.” Impressive acting, all performed in the middle of the woods. Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 50 min. While there is a lot to get through, I think this movie is a bit long. It can get a little slow during the dramatic scenes, then picks back up with the thrilling times. This gets a 8 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Range Runners – 25.5 out of 30

Recommended Watch – This is a powerful film about the will to survive and the strength to make that happen. I would definitely suggest making this one a priority to see.

***This is Phillip Plowden and Devon Colwell’s first feature film – KUDDOS to you both!!!***

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