Proximity – Sci-Fi
Category – Movie

Content – Isaac is a computer tech that works for an outlet of NASA. While on a hike, video taping himself for therapy, he sees what seems to be a meteor crashing into the hillside. He proceeds to investigate and sees an object spinning into the hillside, then it quickly vanishes. Puzzled and confused, he turns to see what appears to be an Alien behind him. He turns the camera on, confusion begins, and he wakes up three days later by the ocean. Upon checking his camera, the footage clearly shows he was abducted. With his computer skills, he uploads the footage and the media takes hold and fly! But many people are skeptics and wonder how he concocted this video footage to look so real. There are many doubters out there! So how does Isaac prove the video is real and so is his abduction? While enlisting the help of a reporter, something in the interview goes terribly wrong (he takes a polygraph test and passes) and Isaac is taken, once again. But not by Aliens this time! He and Sara are taken and questioned, but manage to escape and get away from this terrible situation. It seems the only person that can help is Carl, a man that was abducted in 1979 and has been missing ever since. They begin the journey to find Carl through Zed, while being chased by the International Space Research Program police. Through Zed, they find Carl and video conference with him. They intercept a message that the Extra Terrestrials are coming in five days! Isaac, Sara and Zed’s only hope is to get to Carl immediately, while eluding the ISRP, and stop this all from happening…But can they do this before it is too late? Or are these beings even dangerous at all??? The story is intriguing enough and the action sequences keep this movie flowing, not bad for an independent Sci-Fi flick! This scores a 8 out of 10.

Acting – Ryan Masson plays Isaac, the abducted lead. I admit I have never heard of this kid, but his acting is solid. I would say he is one to watch in the future, and I hope more directors and producers give him the opportunity to show what he has! Other notable actors are Highdee Kuan and Christian Prentice, who play Sara and Zed. As supporting characters to Isaac, they do a fine job. And then there is veteran actor Don Scibner, who plays Carl. The always calm and collected Don, he portrays the abducted – turned remote – scientist perfectly. This casting was brilliant! All in all, there is no Tom Cruise or Angelina Jolie in this one, but these actors do a fine job in comparison. Score is 8 out of 10.

Duration – 2 hrs. Movie is a tad long, but the action keeps it moving. There are a couple of low points, but not many. Maybe if fifteen or twenty minutes were cut, it would have been better. This gets a 6 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Proximity – 22 out of 30

Recommended Watch – Sure, this is a good movie for an independent Sci-Fi feature. These movies are hard to do on a limited budget, and this one is clearly worth the watch!

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  1. Ok – this one I want to see! Thanks for this review. I will search this one out. I am sure I will enjoy it!

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