Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman – Drama, Thriller
Category – Movie

Content – Cassie’s life is far from perfect – although content to live with her parents and work in a coffee shop, life is OK. Except that she “pretends” to be drunk and lures men back to their place to teach them lessons on why they should not try and “make it” with drunk women. At first this seems like a weird obsession, but you learn this obsession is more of a revenge than anything due to an incident that happens in college to her BFF Nina. Not sure how long she has been doing this, but it is evident that it has been years! But just maybe, a boy named Ryan can actually quiet this obsession and replace it with a decent and healthy relationship. And it truly seems to be working, Cassie is quiet and in love…It is a promising change in her young life. While you want this to end a love story, you do know that this a revenge film and can assume it will not be a Disney princess happily ever after ending. The end is not really a surprise, but can be a little shocking at first. This scores a 8 out of 10.

Acting – Playing the psycho and loving Cassie is Carey Mulligan. She carries the demeanor of this character with ease, not matter what situation. Whether she is being cunning, honest, revengeful or simply sincere, Carey plays each emotion with a distinct perfection. Watching her character on this roller coaster of a ride is most of the fun of this film. Her calming boyfriend is played by Bo Burnham, which was good but I wanted to see a bit more from this character to match that of Carey. But Ms Mulligan is truly the one to watch in this one. Score is 9.5 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 53 mins. Another long movie, but the “thriller” aspect of this drama keeps you on the edge of your seat. Right when you think the movie is calm, it is not. LOL This gets a 8.5 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Promising Young Woman – 26 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – Watch this movie for the thrills and Carey Mulligan’s performance, it is one to watch. Especially with that beer and pizza, it is that kind of thriller!

OSCAR BUZZ – The roller coaster ride that Carey Mulligan takes you on is one that should be recognized. I would be shocked if she doesn’t get a Best Actress Nom for this crazy ride!

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  1. Very thoughtful, beautifully played movie. Good to see the Director going for new challenges. Cast is first class. Carey Mulligan is a star when it comes to roles like this.

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