Marriage Story

Marriage Story – Drama
Category – Movie

Content – Marriage Story seems to be named incorrectly, it should be called The Divorce. This movie has nothing to do with marriage, but 2 people’s divorce with a young child. And it’s a seemingly tired story that has been done many times. This movie is just one step above the Lifetime Movies. There is a scene between the lawyers that wakes you up for a minute, and one really good fight scene. However, there is a scene with Adam Driver and a social worker that is unbelievable at best, if this scene really happened in real life this man would never see his son again! A very tired and done story…This scores a 3 out of 10.

Acting – As far as Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson go – I’m not seeing the hype. While their performances are good, the story is not great so they don’t have all that to work with. Adam does sing towards the end of the movie in a bar, this is impressive as I didn’t know he could sing. The stand out performances in this film are Laura Dern and Ray Liotta, who play the divorce attorneys. Their banter is great and fun to watch! They should have put more court time in this film, it would have faired better. CONGRATS to Laura Dern for her nominations for Best Supporting – This is deserved for her!!! This scores a 5 out of 10.

Duration – This movie is 2 hours and 15 minutes without the Lifetime commercials, WAY too long for this snooze fest. They should have cut 45 minutes, I can name several scenes that had nothing to do with driving the story forward and could have been cut. Maybe then it would have been bearable. This gets a 3 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Marriage Story – 11 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – No, guess this just wasn’t my cup o’ tea!


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