Lost Girls

Lost Girls – Drama
Category – Movie

Content – The real life story of the Long Island Serial Killer, who by the way, has never been caught. And when Shannon went missing, her mom Mari went on a mission to find her daughter, no matter what. Girl’s bodies began to be found, hookers and prostitutes they called them. All worthless women who had no body caring about them. But they were wrong when it came to Mari! Her daughter may have been placing ads on Craiglist, she may have been doing drugs, and she may have been up to no good…But Mari set out to prove that ALL these women were human beings. And that no body deserves to be strangled and killed by another. As much as she wanted to find her daughter, she also wanted the police to be accountable and search for this killer AND her daughter. Shannon is ultimately found in the worst way, but Mari made people realize that these women deserved more respect than anyone was willing to give. She fought for this respect until her untimely death. Another true story with a sad ending, but one that needs to be told! This scores an 8 out of 10.

Acting – Amy Ryan leads this movie with conviction and pride, she takes on this role with ease. There are many scenes that are gripping to watch and she performs them well. Her performance definitely demands the applause and recognition. She fight a lot with the lead police commissioner, played by Gabriel Byrne. It is nice to see Gabriel battle with Amy, it is like a dance. Other notable stars in this movie are Thomasin McKenzie and Oona Laurence, who plays Mari’s other two daughters. A missing girl, daughter, sister movie can be tough emotionally, and everyone did their part to be real. Score is 8 out of 10.

Duration – 95 mins. A dramatic and gripping film just a hair over an hour and a half. Not bad. The timing is a definite winner for this one. This gets an 9 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Lost Girls – 25 out of 30

Recommended Watch – Another true story that I had never heard about, but will now never forget. And because of this film, I will forever fight against anyone that says a prostitute is not worth life. Because we are all human beings! I do recommend this movie!!!

OSCAR BUZZ – While I am not sure this movie will get any Oscar Love, I do think that Amy Ryan should be recognized for her outstanding performance. These types of true stories are not easy to pull off, but she does so with such conviction, it is worth pointing out!

2 thoughts on “Lost Girls”

  1. Very good movie, kept me watching, it was upsetting to see how someone would do that to any woman, no matter what they did for a living.

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