Let Him Go

Let Him Go – Drama
Category – Movie

Content – You couldn’t ask for more loving grandparents in Margaret and George. Their son and his wife, along with their grandson, even lived with them on the ranch. But when a horrific accident takes their son’s life, they are forced with a reality that do not want to embrace. Their daughter in law Lorna finds and marries another man, a Weboy. To her horror, Margaret witnesses Donnie Weboy strike her grandson and Lorna. Horrified, she bakes a cake and takes it to them the next day. But alas, they are gone. Left in the middle of the night with no trace. So Margaret makes it her mission to find her grandson, with or without George’s help. Along their journey they meet Peter, who would become a trusted ally. While in search of their grandson they meet the Weboy clan, including Blanche and Bill. While Margaret’s intent is to bring her grandson home, she quickly learns that the Weboy’s will never allow that to happen while they are alive. There are several dramatic events that take place, all of which I cannot say or it gives away too much of this very intense film. This scores an 8.5 out of 10.

Acting – Diane Lane and Kevin Costner knock it out of the “ranch” on this one. Their performances are both stellar and dominant. You really feel for these two, one trying to help her grandson and the other trying to help his wife. While they both have different motives in the film, they come together as a loving couple, with one objective. I think the breakout role is Peter, played by BooBoo Stewart. We’ve seen BooBoo in movies like Twilight and X-Men, but this one portrays a much quieter softer side of him. Again, he becomes an ally to the Blackledge’s. A solid performance by this young actor, here is so hoping we can see him in something else dramatic soon! And then there is the violent Weboys, played by Lesley Manville, Jeffrey Donovan and Will Brittain. All of them do a great job being vicious and monstrous! Score is 9.5 out of 10.

Duration – 113 mins. Almost a two hour film, and it shows. It is long but needs to be to grasp all the emotions going on here, from both sides. The Blackledge’s and the Weboy’s have their stories to tell. This gets an 8 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Let Him Go – 26 out of 30

Recommended Watch – I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is touching and heartfelt, while dangerous too. It is definitely a good watch for all!!!

OSCAR BUZZ – I can see Diane Lane getting a Best Actress nomination for her role as Margaret Blackledge. She played the role with such conviction that she deserves acknowledgement of this one! Great job by Diane!!!

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  1. Very enjoyable film. Realistic in it’s brutal action, not your typical ending for this type of film. Costner is always good and Diane Lane was remarkable in this film. Good to see “Burn Notice” star Jeffrey Donovan in a pivotal role as well.***

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