Land – Drama
Category – Movie

Content – When Robin Wright sets out to Direct and Star in a film, she holds no prisoners. Land is a stunning piece of filmmaking! Edee has a tragedy in her life, and is pondering suicide. The only reason she doesn’t is for the love of her sister Emma. However, that love is not strong enough for Edee to go off the grid. She buys a cabin in the remote wilderness of Wyoming and attempts to live her life without other human interaction. She knows nothing of wilderness life. While going to the bathroom in her outhouse, she leaves the front door open (who would possibly be out there to walk in?) and in walks the biggest bear. He destroys the house, rips apart all her food and leaves her in shambles. And now it snows! By the grace of God, Miguel senses there is trouble at the cabin and walks in…To find Edee on the floor near death. Between him and nurse Alawa, they nurse Edee back to health. While she tells Miguel she wants absolutely nothing to do with other humans, he agrees. But only after he shows her the ways of this remote land. If she is determined to be by herself, he wants to arm her with the skills and knowledge to survive. And in the end, Miguel also teaches Edee a very strong lesson – that human interaction between two people is not necessarily a bad thing. The cinematography of this film is beautiful. While Robin is a fantastic actress, she also directs this incredibly moving movie. This scores a 9 out of 10.

Acting – Robin Wright cannot do wrong in this film. Her performance is strong and forthcoming. You really feel for her out in the wilderness by herself, so oblivious to the wild that surrounds her. This is definitely a very powerful performance by Robin. She must have had a great director…Oh yeah, that was her too! And Demian Bichir was just as strong as Miguel. Making Edee realize that she doesn’t need to be along in this world was no small task, and this actor took this role by the horns. A job well done by both!!! Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 89 mins. All this amazing drama in under an hour and a half – Incredible. The timing is near perfect. The movie is never slow or boring, and the dramatic feel is great. This gets a 9 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Land – 27 out of 30

Recommended Watch – An intense drama that I believe everyone should see. The message it leaves you with is equally as passionate as the film.  

OSCAR BUZZ – I could see Robin sweeping the Oscars, not only with Best Actress but also Best Director! AND Best Cinematography! I’ve seen many Oscar Contending films this season, and they should be afraid of this one!

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