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Content – Arthur is a complex man. While he likes his job as a clown, he struggles with a disease that makes him laugh when he is upset or nervous. People take this as if he is laughing at serious situations which usually gets him into serious trouble. As the movie progresses, Arthur becomes increasingly bullied and intensely more disturbed. While watching the unraveling of a normal man to a completely insane one, the movie is extremely slow at times. And Arthur has delusions about events that aren’t really happening, so about three quarters of the way through the film you realize you aren’t really sure if certain things are actually happening? Or it is another of Arthur’s delusions? It becomes a bit confusing. The entire film is the unraveling of an insane man’s brain and how he becomes the Joker. This scores a 6 out of 10.

Acting – The only person you are really watching in this film is Joaquin Phoenix. It seems that he was meant to play this role, as he seems to be transformed into the Joker. He is extremely intense and truly makes this role his own. This role has affected every actor that has played it in different ways; although all seem to be negative. People say it even killed Heath Ledger, saying he went so deep into this role he could not get out and ultimately was a factor in his death. It would be interesting to know how Joaquin feels about this role? Scores a 10 out of 10.

Duration – 2 hrs 2 mins. Again, this movie can get very slow at moments and seems to drag. It was long to me purely for the dramatic aspect of watching one mans transformation. This gets a 5 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Joker – 21 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – Watching Joaquin transform from Arthur to Joker is intriguing, but I didn’t care for the movie in a whole. It is very dark and at times disturbing. If you are into that kind of thing, give it a go!

5 thoughts on “Joker”

  1. I can understand how the film can be disturbing and it’s a good thing to point out before somebody wanders in thinking it is another comic book film. But for me that was the delight. I hate the standard epic comic book films where you have to have the emotion drive of a teenager to get any enjoyment out of it. It was nice to see a film made for adults for a change

  2. Incredibly portrayed and delivered. The whole feel of the film is one of desperation and depravity until Arthur can’t take any more. A must watch!

  3. Hands down one of the BEST comic book movies EVER made. A wrenching performance from Phoenix. Not for everyone, but if you want to experience the true power of film see it!

  4. My favorite film of 2019.
    I loved that is wasn’t “cartoony” and was a serious look at the Joker and the mental illness that made him the twisted criminal he became. There were no gadgets or henchmen who all shopped at the same clothes store.

    In fact, it was just a straight drama about a mans decent into madness. Not only do we get to see his mind decay, we see what caused it.

    Joaquin Phoenix was beyond amazing. This film was perfectly timed and perfectly directed by Todd Phillips. What they did together was a masterpiece.

    Almost perfect.

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