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Jane Goodall The Hope – Documentary
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Content – Jane Goodall’s work with chimpanzees is legendary. And in 1986, when she became an Activist, she hasn’t slowed down yet! Now she travels 300 days a year to try and save the world. What can really be said about this extraordinary woman and her passions? Her personal journey to fight for chimpanzees have taken her to the wild, zoos, and labs. Everywhere that she can make an impact and create change. I must admit, I’m a huge animal lover and I believe all creatures are a gift. Jane has spent her entire life to protect wild animals and it is purely commendable. Anyone who makes it their life work to help these amazing animals of this world is My Hero. It is now my personal goal to meet this amazing human being! This scores a 10 out of 10.

Acting – Since this is a documentary, there is no acting. We see clips of Jane with the chimpanzees from the early 80’s and we follow her until today. Watching everyone talk about a legend is breathtaking! They even say, “If Jane asks you to do something, You aren’t going to tell her no.” The best line of the documentary is “Jane brought conscientiousness to our conscience.” Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 28 min. This documentary is just under an hour and a half, I could have seen MUCH more! Jane is a role model to women everywhere, I enjoyed watching her so much! This gets a 9 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Jane Goodall The Hope – 28 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – Absolutely, this is a awe inspiring documentary that should be watched by everyone in the world today! It will give you Hope, something we all need today! PREMIERE EVENT is Apr 22, 2020 on National Geographic – Check your local listings and WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY!!!

Dr. Jane Goodall and her grandson Merlin Van Lawick pose with students and volunteers of Roots & Shoots, a program of the Jane Goodall Institute. National Geographic’s JANE GOODALL: THE HOPE picks up where JANE (2017) left off, following Jane Goodall through three generations of advocacy work as she meets with everyone from schoolchildren in Zanzibar to Prince Harry and spreads a message of hope in a time of immense environmental change. (National Geographic/Michael Haertlein)

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  1. This is one exceptional woman. She has never changed the course of her path to help her cause. This documentary illustrates her visions beautifully, thorns and all. A must see for all who care about our animals and our planet.

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