I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot – Comedy, Dramedy, Thriller
Category – Movie

Content – Marla Grayson cares A LOT about her elderly patients, so much so that she targets the lonely, rich elderly to put them in nursing homes and take all their assets. Jennifer Peterson seems like a dream – she is elderly, has money and no relatives. So Marla and her assistant Fran move in on the score. They conspire with her doctor to get a statement saying that Jennifer is incompetent and are able to remove her from her home and place her in a assisted care living facility. However, they quickly find out that Jennifer may not be what she seems. She receives a visit from attorney Dean Ericson, informing her that his clients need Jennifer out of this home immediately. Almost immediately intrigued, Marla says NO, and the battle pursues. After a quick investigation from Marla and Fran, they realize that Jennifer Peterson died many years prior, and their “Jennifer Peterson” is someone not only do they not know, they have no clue what she is capable of. While all of this drama surrounding Jennifer is making Fran nervous, Marla seems to get more and more intrigued with every step. This movie has it all – comedy, drama, attempted murder, murder and an unpredictable alliance. This scores a 9 out of 10.

Acting – Marla Grayson is played by the incredible Rosamund Pike. While I just watched Rosamund play Madame Curie, she proves once again that her acting chops are among the elite. I’ve seen someone say, she is deliciously deceitful in this movie, and I couldn’t agree more. Her work as an actress has become simply outstanding to watch, she delivers every time. Now I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, and I love seeing those actors in other movies. Peter Dinklage scores once again in this film, showing us all that Tyrion Lannister is capable of so much more! Outstanding performance by this incredible performer. And the legendary and talented Dianne Wiest plays Jennifer. Some of the language that comes out of her mouth is shocking, but delightful. She challenges Rosamund on every corner, and together their performances shine. What a fighting duo these two women make! Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hours 58 mins. Almost at the two hour mark, this movie moves and shakes like no other. As a watcher, you are so intrigued to learn what happens next that the length doesn’t bother you at all. Well done for a longer movie. This gets a 8 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for I Care a Lot – 26 out of 30

Recommended Watch – One of the BEST movies of 2021 so far. It has it all – comedy, intrigue, murder…Who would not love to watch a movie like that? It’s definitely fun and entertaining and I would recommend this one to all of my readers!

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  1. It’s good film. Actually it’s much more than a story. It’s an allegory of modern world. No empathy, no human concerns, no human believes or human expectations just interests, profit and money. That’s what unite.

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