Fatman – Action, Comedy
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Content – This is my first Christmas movie for 2020, and it is in true Die Hard style. This isn’t a warm and cozy Hallmark movie for sure. The “Fatman” is what they call Santa Claus. And Santa is simply known as Kris Kringle in his town. Times are tough, and Kris’s government subsidy check isn’t what it should be. Very reluctantly, he takes on a contract with the US Military for his elves to continue work and save the shop (and ultimately save Christmas). Some kids get gifts and the naughty get clumps of coal. The clump of coal received by Billy doesn’t sit well for this rich spoiled brat, so he hires a hitman to kill the Fatman. The hitman is nothing but the comic relief, traveling to find the Fatman with his pet hamster. There is plenty of action and brutal shoot out scenes, with some great stunts. As this is technically a Christmas movie, I really liked the originality of the storyline. It was fun and entertaining! This scores an 8 out of 10.

Acting – Mel Gibson plays a great Kris Kringle. He is funny, athletic and compassionate. His wife Ruth is played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, who I came to love on Blindspot. A different choice, but it really seemed to jive well. And the hitman by Walton Goggins, who brings his A Game comedy to the complex man. Tainted by Santa, he brings pleasure and sadness to accepting this contract. The extremely quirky character is played SO well by Walton! Together, these three bring a whole new meaning to the most joyous time of year! OH – and did I almost forget the most talented YOUNG actor in Chance Hurstfield? For being in his early teens, Chance certainly seems to know acting and the dynamics of how to create a performance, because he was incredible in this film! “Billy” definitely needs adult supervision and possibly a positive hobby, and Chance portrays this brutal young kid with ease and precision. We need to be watching out for the name Chance Hurstfield!!! Score is 9 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 40 mins. The originality and quirkiness of this film keep you intrigued the entire time. So the timing of this film is really good. This gets a 9 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Fatman – 26 out of 30

Recommended Watch – An extremely surprisingly fun and enjoyable film. In the true sense of Die Hard, if you like the action Christmas flicks, you really enjoy watching this one. Grab a beer and pizza and have fun!!!

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