Dolemite is My Name

GUEST REVIEWER – The Masked Critic
Dolemite is My Name – Comedy
Category – Movie

Content – The Masked Critic – I haven’t liked an Eddie Murphy movie since the 80’s. So I was a little apprehensive when I decided to check out Dolemite. I’ve seen some Rudy Ray Moore movies in the past and didn’t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. More than that, I was engrossed in the story of this man. The director Craig Brewer took an all-star cast of comedians and intertwined a comedy with a real life story of a 70’s legend. Score is a 9.
Content – Take Three – Wow, Rudy Ray Moore was nicknamed “The Godfather of Rap” – I had NO idea until I watched this film! What an interesting and intriguing watch. Rudy just wanted people to know his name, so he started with stand up comedy, which led to Albums, which led to Rudy financing his own movie, Dolemite. This movie takes you on a journey of Rudy’s dream and is an excellent watch! Score is an 8.
That’s an average Content score of 8.5.

Acting – The Masked Critic – The acting was tremendous. Eddie Murphy shows why he is still one of the best comedic actors in this business today. I personally think he should get Nominated for this role. The whole cast was on point. Craig Robinson was wonderful. Keegan-Michael Key shows why he is one of the hottest commodities in the business. And a special shout out to Da’Vine Joy Randolph who stole many scenes in the film. Score is an 9.
Acting – Take Three – This is the classic Eddie Murphy I grew up on in the 80’s.The stand up in Dolemite reminds me of Eddie’s Raw and Delirious stand up routines. SO good! While I did not like the character that Wesley Snipes played, he was fantastic to watch. This ensemble cast was funny and keeps your attention during the whole film. Score is an 8.
That’s an average Acting score of 8.5.

Duration – The Masked Critic – I enjoyed the movie so much that almost 2 hours didn’t bother me at all. Could it have been an hour and a half? Sure! Score is an 8.
Duration – Take Three – 1 hour 57 min – Its a good watch and holds your attention; although it might be a bit too long…Score is 7.
That’s an average Duration score of 7.5.

TOTAL INDEX for Dolemite – 24.5 out of 30

Recommended Watch – Absolutely! And deserves to be Nominated!!!

2 thoughts on “Dolemite is My Name”

  1. Very good movie, Eddie Murphy movies have been a bit flat as of late but this one steps out of the kids/family movie and is well worth a watch

  2. This was a really great film! It took me back to the 70’s/80’s for sure. Even the film itself had that time frames’ look. Was kinda sad too. Different for Eddie Murphy for sure. Thanks for the intro!

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