Bad Education

Bad Education – Biography, Crime
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Content – This movie covers the true story of Dr. Frank Tassone. I had never heard of this historic event, so the movie was very intriguing. Although the beginning of the film is good, I didn’t realize what it was about for at least half an hour. But once we get there, the movie flows well! Frank is the superintendent of Roslyn School District in Long Island, and Pam is the asst superintendent. A student decides to write an article about a skywalk that the school intends to build. While digging in the financial records for her article, she discovers many supply order discrepancies. While the initial investigation seems to target Pam, it isn’t long until we find out the school embezzlement goes well beyond her. Several school employees are investigated by the school auditor, along with Frank! The movie goes into specifics about the embezzlement, like the purchase of houses, cars, apartment rentals, etc. And we also discover that the school’s money is paying for Frank to take trips to Las Vegas to see his gay lover. I was shocked in the end to learn the extent of Frank and Pam’s embezzlement. You definitely have to watch this movie all the way to end to get the details! This scores a 7 out of 10.

Acting – Hugh Jackman plays Frank and Allison Janney plays Pam, respectfully. Both actors do an excellent job in playing these true life characters. They are fun and entertaining to watch. A great duo in my opinion! I would watch these two leads if they ever did another movie together, it was great. Score is 8 out of 10.

Duration – 1 hr 48 min. I thought this movie was a bit long. I didn’t know the premise of the film’s plot for a while, so it seems like a lot of the first part of the film could have been cut. This gets a 6 out of 10.

TOTAL INDEX for Bad Education – 21 out of 30.

Recommended Watch – This is a true life story and I found it very interesting, especially since I didn’t know about the story. So yes, I would recommend this movie as an HBO date night film!

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  1. I truly enjoyed this movie. I had not heard of this crime before and was fascinated with the story. Your review was spot on.

  2. I enjoy your reviews DeeDee….some of these I haven’t even heard before….you know I have a mini review page myself that I started years ago but not as dedicated as you are to writing reviews….Keep up the great work xo

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