Meet the Team

These are the critics behind Take Three!

DeeDee Bigelow

When I was 7 years old, I watched “Star Wars” and have been obsessed with the movie industry ever since. As a teenager, I would send autograph requests through the mail just to see what Celebrity would respond. In my 30’s, I found myself in Los Angeles. I am currently a member of the Screen Actors Guild and Film Independent. Since this industry has always been my passion, I’ve decided to share my thoughts about these films in my reviews. I hope you all enjoy this page and the movie and TV reviews!!!

The Masked Critic

The Masked Critic grew up watching Horror Movies and Pro Wrestling. He loved them both so much that he became an actor with over 100 credits in tv and film. And also worked in the pro wrestling world for 6 years – breaking necks and cashing checks. And now he gives you his take on movies and tv as “The Masked Critic.”